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निजामती सेवाको मान्यताः अनुशासन, इमान्दारी र नैतिकता

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About the Ministry


The Ministry of Information & Communications (MOIC) in its present name was formed in the year 2049. The Ministry widely covers postal services, telecommunications, broadcasting, Press & Information and Film Development.


To develop and expand the information & communication sector upto the rural level in the form of infrastructure for social and economic development through wide spread participation of the private sector as well with emphasis on the dissemination of information and communication technology.


  1. To inform the public about the economic and social activities of the country and promote the democratic culture so as to safeguard and promote the freedom of expression and the right to information of the people and to ensure the institutional development of democracy while upholding the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national independence as well as the dignity of Nepal.
  2. To make the communications media efficient so as to make citizens conscious by creating an environment of equality, mutual goodwill and harmony among the various tribes, languages, classes and religious communities in such manner as the people in general may, on the basis of the rule of law, enjoy the benefits of democracy peaceably.
  3. To make the communications media active so as to facilitate the protection and consolidation of the basic norms and values of the sovereignty of the people and the National Unity while according top priority to the national interest.
  4. To make the information and communications sector active so as to preserve the various aspects of national identity and significance, as well as to secure peoples participation, international cooperation and goodwill in the process of allround development of the nation by creating public awareness.


नेपाल सरकार (कार्य विभाजन) नियमावली, २०६९ अनूरूप सुचना तथा सञ्चार मन्त्रालयबाट सम्पादन हूने कार्यहरू यस प्रकार छन्-

  • सूचना तथा सञ्चारसम्बन्धी नीति, योजना तथा कार्यक्रमको तर्जुमा, कार्यान्वयन, अनुगमन र मूल्याङ्कन;
  • प्रेस तथा सूचना र सुरक्षण मुद्रण;
  • हुलाक सेवाको सञ्चालन, विकास र प्रवर्द्धन;
  • कुरियर सेवाको सुपरिवेक्षण, नियमन तथा नियन्त्रण;
  • पत्रपत्रिकाको विकास तथा प्रकाशन;
  • सूचना, प्रचार तथा प्रसार;
  • रेडियो तथा टेलिभिजन प्रसारण, डाउन लिङ्क तथा केवल सञ्चालन;
  • सूचना सञ्चार सञ्जालमार्फत् एकीकृत सेवा;
  • चलचित्र विकास;
  • दूरसञ्चार;
  • सूचना र सञ्चार प्रविधिको विकास तथा विस्तार;
  • सूचना र सञ्चार प्रविधिसम्बन्धी राष्ट्रिय र अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय संस्थासँगको सम्पर्क;
  • फ्रिक्वेन्सी वितरण, व्यवस्थापन तथा अनुगमन;
  • नेपाल दूरसञ्चार प्राधिकरण, नेपाल टेलिकम, गोरखापत्र संस्थान, चलचित्र विकास बोर्ड, रेडियो प्रसार सेवा विकास समिति, राष्ट्रिय समाचार समिति तथा नेपाल टेलिभिजन;
  • सञ्चार विषयक अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सङ्घ-संस्थासँगको सम्पर्क;
  • प्रेस काउन्सिल;
  • राष्ट्रिय सूचना आयोग;
  • विज्ञापनसम्बन्धी विषय;
  • नेपाल इन्जिनियरिङ सेवाको इलेक्ट्रोनिक एण्ड टेलिकम्युनिकेसन इन्जिनियरिङ समूह सञ्चालन ।


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