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निजामती सेवाको मान्यताः अनुशासन, इमान्दारी र नैतिकता

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सूचनाको हक सम्बन्धी ऐन बमोजिम प्रकाशित विवरणहरु


सूचनाको हक सम्बन्धी ऐन कार्यान्वयन र अनुगमन सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, २०७१


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लोक कल्याणकारी विज्ञापन


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Communication Division

Administration Division

Frequency Management and Technology Analysis Division


Mr. Purushottam Prasad Tiwari
Joint Secretary


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Mr. Kabiraj Khanal
Joint Secretary


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Mr. Deepak Kafle


Mr. Deepak Kafle
Chief Technical Officer


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Administration Division

Administration Section

  • Personnel administration
  • General administration
  • Public relation
  • Office Inspection
  • Coordination/facilitation to the government undertakings
  • Manpower development
  • Organizational reform
  • Property protection

Fiscal Administration Section

  • Budget Implementation
  • Financial Record
  • Revenue
  • Audit

International Assistance Section

  • Contact with International organizations/Institutions
  • Participation in regional/International summit, seminar, meeting
  • Documentation of foreign added projects, proceeding Bulletin

Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section

  • Short term and long term policy formulation and Implementation
  • Annual Programme and Budget
  • Implementation of foreign assistance Project
  • Coordination
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


Communication Division

Audio-Visual and Broadcasting Section

  • Support policy measures relating to Film and Radio and Television broadcasting
  • Regulatory function as per National Broadcasting Act.
  • Film Censorship

Press and Information Coordination

  • Support to policy measures relating to Print media
  • Coordination on Information flow
  • Documentation of mass media activities


Frequency Management and Technology Analysis Division

Frequency Management Section

  • Evaluate, review, redesign, and expand the required system, policy, rules and technically related national planning and programme for the spectrum management based on ITU radio regulation.
  • Coordinate with ITU for the utilization of orbital slot allocation of nepal and manage proper use of it.
    Prepare national frequency allocation table and fix assignment and channeling plans accordingly.
  • Study and review radio communication founded by ITU and evaluate and implement plans for the national interest and benefit.
  • Study the conclusions made from various conferences of ITU and evaluate working plans accordingly.
  • Coordinate with ITU, ICAO, INTELSAT, APT, APSCC, ABU like other international and regional organisations and inform about the usage of radio frequency.
  • Issue and renew license required for various radio communication services according to radio act and regulation.
  • Design the syllabus and conduct the examination before issuing license for the operation of AMATEURE RADIO EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEM.
  • Identify required physical hardware and software to make frequency management system contemporary.
  • Identify and study the subjects to be submitted to National Frequency Policy Determining Committee.
  • Implement the timely amendment and redesigning of present radio frequency act and rule.
  • Make documentation in frequency management related subjects through conclusions made from various conferences, seminars and workshops organised in National and International level for benefit of the nation.
  • Prepare "Master National Frequency Register" of frequencies used nationwide and update radio frequencies used and to be used in future in Nepal.
  • Take the information of radio equipment and systems being used nationwide and keep a record.
    Recommend whether the works are done according to license or not.
  • Manage to take the equipments of Ministry and related organizations, committees to foreign countries for work or maintenance.

Telecommunications Technology Analysis Section

  • Review and discover the analytical description of the technology and prepare statements appropriate for national use for the development in telecommunications sector.
  • Review the present act, policy, rule and orders and recommend for the amendment of those to meet the technical standard for the import, export, construction and production of Radio Communication equipments.
  • Enhanced technical quality and expand suitable technology of Radio Equipment and System.
  • Prepare proposals to maintain coordination between various organizations of communication sector.
  • Discover and analyse up-to-date worldwide communication technology and perform the job with the coordination of Nepal Telecommunications Authority in the process of identification of comparatively useful technology for the nation.
  • Study and evaluate the technology and radio used by telecommunications service provider.
  • Prepare Pricing Mechanism, Technical Standard and Cost -benefit Analysis for the public telecommunications service and contemporary radio equipments.
  • Studying the technical behalf of approved constitution, convention, resolution and recommendation by the International Organisation, like ITU, INTELSAT, APT, ABU etc, to be submitted for reobservation and implementation according to necessity.
  • Study technical field of ITU conference and activities of ITU- study group.
  • Study possibilities and effectiveness of Teresterial, Satellite and Personal Communication System and prepare implementation process.
  • Prepare reports of Type Approval Requirements and develop the application forms.
  • Work according to approved yearly plans, programs and budget and keep all the data.
  • Manage to implement the outcomes, decisions, programmes and recommendations made from training, seminars, workshop and conference related to Telecommunication Sector.
  • Work for the reviewing, evaluating and redesigning of assigned jobs.

Monitoring Section

  • Monitoring the use of radio frequency and identifying the obstacles in the use of Assigned Frequencies.
  • prepare daily log book and maintain register to identify the interference and disturbance in frequency use.
  • Work, conserve, improve, redesign and maintain Radio Monitoring Station and Mobile Radio Monitoring System daily.
  • Examine whether the use of Radio Frequency is according to level fixed in license or not.
  • Use the latest technology to examine communication equipments, equipment system monitoring.
  • Evaluate the systems and programmes to devlop monitoring system and make the system better.
  • coordinate for international radio monitoring
  • Prepare report of designated works.
  • Maintain the technical level in radio monitoring as per ITU.
  • Review, evaluate and redesigned designated works.
  • Implement the outcomes, decisions, programmes and recommendations made from training, seminars, workshop and conference etc.


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