Mr. Surendra Kumar Karki (Ram Karki)
Hon'ble Minister

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya

Ministry of Information and Communications

The Ministry of Information & Communications (MoIC) in its present name was formed in the year 2049 B.S. The Ministry widely covers postal services, telecommunications, Broadcasting, Press & Information and Film Development.

To develop and expand the information & communication sector upto the rural level in the form of infrastructure for social and economic development through wide spread participation of the private sector as well with emphasis on the dissemination of information and communication technology... more >>

Spokeperson and Information Officer

Mr. Ramchandra Dhakal
Joint Secretary

Phone: 4211562

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Contact Details

Ministry of Information and Communications
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
Tel: +977-1-4211556
Fax: +977-1-4211729
Email: info@moic.gov.np
URL: http://www.moic.gov.np


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